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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Death and Destruction All Around

So the smell of mouse death is getting to be unbearable in here. Yes, we were reassured that the mice that ate the poison would just dehydrate to nothing, but we forgot about any babies in the nests. Obviously they had nests in the attic, which is where the smell is coming from, so the upstairs is pretty "tinky"! We'll just have to keep all of the windows open. Pee-yew!

Hayden is still a bit cranky today and I am sure it is just the after affects of the Botox.

Doug snored most of the night so I didn't get much sleep. Not impressed.

I have been trying to watch Oprah's coverage of the Hurricane Katrina disaster and it is just way to upsetting. I bawled yesterday when watching and today I can only tolerate bits of it while I putter around. There is a lot of hoo-ha about the celebrities that are going down there, but most of them just wander around talking to people. The only one they've shown doing anything so far is Matthew McConaughey, who was in there doing stuff. I made a donation to the Red Cross, but what I really wish is that I could go down there and help. It just doesn't feel like enough. So, so sad.

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