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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Yesterday my Mom came with me to Children's to get Hayden's casts put back on. He ended up getting his Botox injections again, so I was glad she came, because it was awful. There was another little girl there, Brianna, who was having the same thing done, so we were at least in the same boat.

Later on, I went to pick up Kes and Hannah stayed with Hayden. When I returned he was crying a lot and she said she didn't know why. I figured that maybe his legs were hurting a little from the injections. When I changed him awhile later I could see where the cotton and adhesive had pulled a little and realized that was what he'd been cryng about - it had pulled on his skin.

When I got up this morning I realized the reason I could see the cotton and adhesive was because his cast had slipped. Damn it. Back to Children's - try and find someone to do it because Dr. A was not in. I had so much to do today and now my day was going to get eaten up by this again. Thankfully Elmer was there because he is awesome at it and we got out quite quickly. I went to the waiting room to nurse Hayden before I left and another mother came in with her baby in a stroller. When she took him out I saw that he was missing his entire right leg. He was perhaps a year old and there was not even a stump - nothing. She put him down and he seemed to be able to get around just fine, but I felt so BAD for the little guy.

Headed downtown and did as much on my list as I could and got quite a bit done, surprisingly! Doug's birthday is on Saturday and I had to get him something now otherwise I would forget. He is sick again and acting as pathetic as he can and I just can't muster any sympathy for him. I have nothing left in me right now with everything I have to go through for Hayden.

On a good note, I got just the incentive I needed to start designing clothes for kids with casts on their legs. When I was putting Hayden's outfit back on, I said to Elmer and Mary that I was going to design clothes, etc. Elmer said "you wouldn't believe how many people say that" and I said "Well, then I'll just have to do it" and he said "Yep and then you market it here and to all the other Children's Hospitals and you'll make a killing". Oh yeah - I am so there!

Doug has approved me hiring the daughter of a friend who is looking for work right now to help me out part time while I try and get some sewing done. So I have her coming next week on Wednesday and Thursday so I can at least get started.

Woo hoo!

P.S. I bought Hayden the CUTEST chicken costume at Old Navy today. I haven't taken a picture yet, but when I do - I'll upload it!

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