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Monday, September 05, 2005

Sleep and Barf

Well you gotta love a day that starts with vomit! Actually, let me rewind a bit. Last night was the annual block party by our house and as usual, we went over there, were completely ignored, wandered around for a bit and left. This year they had the music on the end of the block closest to our house - so needless to say, it was quite loud. A whole lotta Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog, Beatles, Stones and other assorted old people crap. Although, I must admit I did like the band's rendition of Quando, Quando, Quando. By the way, the band's name was "Apollo" - tee hee!

Anyway, due to the volume of the band, Hayden was having one heck of a time getting to sleep and he finally drifted off on the breast during their break, only to be woken up again when they started up. Part of the noise problem was that we still have the air conditioner in the window and it is essentially open even though there are these little baffles on either side of it, so there was no glass to muffle the sound. I took Hayden downstairs and he finally fell asleep and the music mercifully ended around 10:30. I was pretty tired myself by this time.

I put him in the crib and he slept there for four hours, which was great. Doug brought him to me when he woke up and he slept and nursed off and on for the next several hours. We actually slept in until after 8:00! Kes joined us and we had a family cuddle (minus Hannah).

We got up and came downstairs and Kes was standing in the hallway. I heard a big splash and saw Doug reacting. I started asking what was happening and heard another splash. Poor Kes puked up quite a bit on the floor, managing to avoid her clothing! And I might interject that she is wearing the cutest denim clamdiggers and white gauzy cotton top! Anyway, she seems fine now - not sure exactly what the problem is. She drank a fair bit of water, so that could have just triggered her tummy to send it back. Who knows about these things?

Hayden and I had another bath last night and we took pictures. When I figure out how to upload them on this site, I will. And don't worry, most of you have seen more of me than necessary already, so the nudity is not an issue - and Hayden is covering me up anyway! He laughed at me again and enjoyed kicking his feet and splashing his hands in the water! I may try to get one more in before he is re-casted. His feet have turned back a lot and it amazes me that in less than a week, nine weeks of work have almost been completely undone! The power of the human body, I tell you.

He is such a mellow baby and everyone comments on it. The other day he just sat in my lap and watched t.v. with me for almost an hour! When he cranks, I change his bum and he stops cranking. He even just hung out in the baby carrier last night when we went to the party. This kid is my laid back child!

And I love him to pieces.

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