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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hacking Up A Lung

So I'm still coughing. Maybe not as frequently, but still as intensely. There are moments when I'm in it and I think I may not stop. It always ends with me gagging. I know that if I haven't gagged and I get a lull in the coughing, it'll be starting up again pronto until I gag. Thank goodness Hayden sleeps through quite a bit still.

He was harder to settle down last night. He really didn't want to go to sleep and was for the most part, content to suck on his hands. I have been massaging his little feet as much as I can and we haved played a few games where I stretch his legs up towards his head and he grins like crazy. Or the one where you elevate him over your head and slowly lower him towards you. He enjoys that one, too. Of course, I'll have he-man biceps if I keep that one up because he is so frickin' HEAVY! Feel the burn, man!

I was complaining to my sister today about how most of the healthy foods I try to eat, ie. protein bars, fruit (other than apples, oranges or bananas.. shudder), vegetables all seem to bother Hayden's stomach. What does that leave? Carbohydrates. I'll never lose weight this way. I may check out the L.A. Weight Loss Center and see what they say. I understand they have a program for breastfeeding women.

Two more days and then it is back into casts for Hayden. I have so enjoyed this week off and it was really what he and I needed to enhance our bonding. I feel closer to him than ever! I think he will be getting more Botox on Tuesday and that kind of sucks, but at least it makes things go faster. Will keep everyone updated.

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