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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Busy Days!

Was awoken this morning around 4am to what sounded like gunshot, but was probably someone kicking a door or car. At any rate, it was loud and the person was shouting. So that is now the 7th or 8th time I've been disturbed in the night and then laid awake for an hour or so. I am truly turning into my mother and that is a scary thought.

Hayden has begun reaching and grabbing for toys and will put one to his mouth if you place it in his hand. I find with each kid I am increasingly fascinated with their development and marvel at how things will just happen overnight - they don't learn it, they just do it. Not only that, he has now started the "nosy parker" phase of nursing which is extremely aggravating.

I have to get Hayden to take a soother or start sucking his finger/thumb more. After about 3am this morning he disturbed me every hour and when I'd pop the boob in, he'd suck for two seconds and drop back off. All he wanted was soothing and it was a real pain in the ass. I also notice that he wants something across the top of his head and usually that means my arm, so inevitably I am contorted into some odd position to please him. Not happening.

I got to see Cath yesterday at my Mom's and my brother and his gal came by with their baby, Monica. Simon had bought stuffies for each of the kids and he got Kes a bunny named "Marshmallow" and Hayden a duckie named "Puddles" as well as a blanket for him. It was so sweet of him!

Today is the Baby Fair and I am going to go over to support Laura. I am excited about seeing her all "official" and am looking forward to the time that I will have a table there, too. I managed to start sewing a pair of pants at Mom's and am feeling excited. I discussed several options with her and made some decisions about them. She is such a good resource for me and I am so grateful for her.

I took Hayden to the baby play group by my house yesterday and even though he is too small to play, he was enthralled with all the goings on (while he was awake, that is). There is now live music with an old fellow playing his guitar and his harmonica for the kids. He does it for something to do and it was awesome! They also put out food and it was great to interact with other moms. There were two sets of one-year-old twins there and that was cool. I may have to go and get Kaisha and bring her out.

Hayden squawking now, must go....

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