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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sweeties and Treaties!

Oh sweet, sweet sleep, how I worship thee! Last night I got Kes off to bed, while Hayden was in his crib looking at his mobile. After that, I got him ready for bed and brought him downstairs to nurse. He nursed to sleep and was out by 8:30. I took him upstairs at 9:00 and put him in his crib and there he stayed until 3:00am!! Then he came into bed with me, nursed for a long time and slept for another three hours or so, nursed again and when Kes came into our room at 7:30, he was dead asleep. So I brought her downstairs and left him with his dad. They stayed up there for another hour. Now that's what I call heaven!

Went out to my mom's again to pick up Hannah because she had been babysitting for my sister. Got to see Cath before she left and my mom cracked out this container of sweets that were left over from my brother's wedding a year ago. Don't worry, they were vacuum sealed in the deep freeze and are just fine! So we each got an ice cream bucket of goodies to bring home - one of them being an old favorite of mine, called "Cherry Chew", which is the only way I will eat maraschino cherries. Hard to believe, but I can remember "the good old days" when if there was a baby or bridal shower, every woman brought little squares and finger sandwiches and they were all DAMN GOOD! No one does that anymore and it's all about the gourmet. Not that I have anything against it, but sometimes less is more, if you know what I mean.

Came home again. I am getting used to driving the new van and love it! It's so comfy and fast! The only thing I am still having trouble with is still reaching for the gear shift, but that'll pass. At least I haven't stomped on the brake thinking it's the clutch, which I have done in the past in other automatic cars!

Tonight we are going to our friends', well Doug's friends' place for dinner. They have three rambunctious kids and Barb is a feminist, which drives me crazy! I can hardly wait for the circumcision thing to come up. At any rate, I am just steeling myself for it. Will report in tomorrow.

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