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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Me Tired!

My how the days drift by! We went for dinner at our friends' house on Sunday night and it went well. Patrick had made a great dinner of salmon, caesar salad, roast potatoes and steamed fresh green beans. It was nice to eat fish again. I had a real problem with salmon while I was pregnant - I could not even READ the word (never mind SAY it) without gagging.

Monday was a whirlwind of trying to sew a pair of pants for Hayden, and a bunch of errands downtown along with a dental appointment. Thankfully I had the van!

Hayden has hit his three month growth spurt and I am not getting a whole lot of sleep. He still has a longer stretch at the beginning of the night, but after that it all turns to shit. Add to that the fact that I keep waking up in the night and mulling "things" over (the night before last I even got up because I was hungry as well), and I am feeling a wee bit tired. Of course it doesn't help that I walked home from Children's Hospital yesterday!

It was quite by accident, I assure you! I took Hayden to his appointment and it went reasonably well. They tried a new under layer of cotton flannel to try and keep the skin calm. His was not too bad this time around - very dry on the front and a bit weepy and smelly in the back. He screamed, but not with his usual ebullience. This was the first time that Dr. Alvarez had said his feet are looking good, so these casts will stay on for two weeks and hopefully we can try with the boots and bar again at that time.

I had made arrangements to go visit Kristina and Isaac after that as they live right by the hospital. I walked over there and we had something to eat and visited and then I decided to leave. I was going to walk down Cambie a little as I never get up that way and call a cab later on, but once I started I just kept going and then got into "the point of no return", where there was no point in calling one, so I kept going! I was pretty beat by the time I got home!

Hayden was a bit cranky later on, but nothing we couldn't handle.

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