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Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Second Half of the Week in Short

Wednesday was a rough day and Hayden was very cranky all day. He didn't want to be put down, he wanted to nurse constantly and he wouldn't let anyone hold him but me. So I didn't really get anything done, much to my disappointment. In addition, I had Kes for the morning as Nahar had an appointment to go to. They came and picked her up around 11:30 and what a relief! I think that if I had to look after her as well right now, I'd be suicidal.

Thursday I got together with Laura and we went downtown, hit Chapters (I didn't buy anything!!) and had lunch. Stopped for Creme Brulee lattes on the way back. It was a pleasant day and Hayden was great. In fact, all that day everything I did or said to him he thought hysterically funny and giggled away! Then dinner time rolled around and right when I planned to get going and actually pretend I was good at being a housewife, he turned back in a little turd.

Yesterday I went and picked up Kaisha and the twins to bring them to the drop in group by my place. It's such a fun thing and they had a ball! Zander actually cried when he had to leave. We came home and I nursed Hayden before I took her back and it was like having two mini Godzillas in the house - there wasn't anything they didn't touch! But it was all good and I visited with her a bit at her place before I came back home. I like being able to drive the van - it's really nice!

No plans really today, but we'll see.

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