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Monday, October 10, 2005

Catchin' Up

Finally getting the opportunity to sit down and do more than read emails and other people's blogs.

Thursday night I went to Mamma Mia with my girlfriend Daisy. It was my first evening away from Hayden and I left with a little trepidation, which soon disappeared once were there. Two and a half hours of Abba-liciousness and how could you feel bad about anything? Each time a song started, I would think how much I loved it more than the last. I can't believe how many hits they had! I guess was okay while I was gone - he got to crying for a while and Hannah had to comfort him, but other than that, he was fine and I was feeling refreshed from a night out.

The boots and bar have been a real pain in the ass. I have had to adjust them or put them back on continually because of the way Hayden kicks his feet so much. It is so tempting to just leave them off because he is so happy when they are. He kicks his feet like crazy!

I have noticed that when he is on his tummy he will already try to "swim" towards something, thereby causing himself to go backwards. He doesn't get frustrated and cry, merely puts his head down when he's had enough. He loves to be put up over your head and lowered up and down - he laughs and coos. I am becoming increasingly more aware of my own features in his little face and it must be that I am twigging on a photo of myself as a baby. I'll have to check it out at my Mom's sometime.

This weekend has gone fairly well with Kestrel - she's been obsessed with watching "My Neighbor Totoro" and has watched it two or three times a day every day. I know it sounds excessive, but her behaviour outside of that has been atrocious. She has had screaming fits and temper tantrums and we have used the video as a reward for good behaviour. Any outings we have taken have gone well and she can be compliant when she wants to be.

Doug and I finally got some "alone" time on Saturday as Hannah was at a sleepover. It was nice to reconnect with him and feel loved and desired.

I am glad that I am home because of the fact that the schools are on strike. This must be so inconvenient for parents that both work. I can't imagine what a pain it must be for them, not to mention that our children are the ones who are suffering. I feel for the teachers, but do not think that they can compare their situation to Japanese War Camps like they are trying to do. Kind of apples and oranges in my opinion.

I have been sewing a one-piece pajama for Hayden and it has been going well. I have been finding it really hard to clothe him between the casts and the boots and bar. There just is nothing ou there that is appropriate. I am kind of excited because I am making it reversible and that has been a challenge. I am looking forward to completing it.

Well, boring entry, but there you have the update!

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