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Sunday, November 20, 2005

I Heart eBay

Man, I have been trying to get this post out for DAYS! But this week has been chock full of sick kids, sick husbands and a visiting elderly mother-in-law. I've had very little sleep and am currently running on fumes.

But what did I ever do without the ability to shop at home? Sure I know the shopping channel has been around forever, as have infomercials, but eBay has opened the largest world of shopping to me. There are very few things that I have not been able to find on eBay. I heart eBay.

Hayden had his third set of casts on this week and it was done by the replacement for Dr. P because he is away. The guy was a bit of a know-it-all and certainly liked the sound of his own voice, but he did the job well enough I suppose. Although, the casts have seemed a little thin at the top and have been chafing Hayden's legs. But I just stuck in some makeup remove cotton pads and all better!

Laura and I have been working on another home business idea (which probably entails SPENDING more money, not earning it) and we are so very excited baout it. It's all either of us can think or talk about (outside of our kids). Anyway, will tell you all when the time is right what we are doing.

Sorry this is short and boring, but I am exhausted. What with the duelling snoring between my husband and mother-in-law, the duelling talking in the sleep between my husband and middle daughter and the continual disturbances of my son last night, I am ready to curl up into a ball and suck my thumb. And I haven't done that since I was five.


M&Co. said...

And to think we are just beginning the holiday season!

Laura said...

Ebay is one of the best non-drug anti-depressants out there. Shopping without even standing up - gotta love that!