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Friday, November 11, 2005

The Wheels They Are A-Spinnin'

Laura and I went to the Circle Craft Fair today at the convention centre and WOW! It was HUGE! There was booths as far as the eye could see and sadly, it was a far cry from this year's Baby Fair. There were food booths, ceramics, glassworks, paintings, clothing, kids clothing, rubber stamping, Christmas thingies, body products, jewellery, and so on. There was a whole section set up with a great hot lunch. We wandered around like kids in a candy store. Actually, that's not true. We anally surfed the aisles in a carefully coordinated pattern so we didn't miss anything! It was kind of funny, really. We decided to look at everything first and then go back for what we wanted to purchase. It was packed by the time we left.

Then our creative juices got flowing. I figure if there is a place to market my baby blankets, it's there. The booths are expensive, but if there is that kind of volume for consumers, then it could make it all worthwhile. But Laura and I got a whole lotta other ideas bubbling, so who knows what next year may bring?

Hayden was an angel while we looked around. He was very quiet as usual and then flirted as much as he could whenever someone turned their eye towards him. Not even half a year old and he's already macking on chicks. But when you see him in this little French outfit that a friend bought him, how could anyone resist?

What a little Mac Daddy.


M&Co. said...

What a sweetie!

Amie said...

Thats an adorable outfit!