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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Time Passing, Quick It Is

Before I know it, several days have passed by and I don't know where they went, even though they were filled with fun and excitement (okay, not all of them). Tuesday I met with a girlfriend at a mall and we had lunch and shopped, which is my favorite activity. Our kids are only one month apart and both of them were great!

Next day, got together with Laura and we went downtown, had lunch and shopped. Hmmm.....noticing a theme there?

Today I took Hayden to the hospital for his next cast change. The doctor informed me that his right foot is completely corrected and ready for the tenotomy. I was shocked and pleased to say the least. He told me he was very pleased with the results. The left foot is a fair bit behind still and we will have to keep the right in maintenance casts until it catches up before the tenotomy is performed because they cannot be done separately. Hayden behaved quite well, only getting upset at one point but was easily distracted. He was getting tired and has been cutting teeth, so it's not been the best time mood-wise for him anyway. After that, one of the moms that I met on the online clubfoot support group met with me and drove us home. Her little girl is just over a year and really cute! We had a little visit and then she went home and I went about my business.

Hayden laughs at almost anything right now and the more rambunctious you are with him, the better. His personality is emerging. Last night I show him a little stuffed pink French poodle that I have with a sound box inside it (it barks). He glommed onto it and drooled on it for a bit before I took it from him to get him ready for bed. He flipped. He cried for about ten minutes because I had taken it away and was incosolable even when I tried to give it back! He has also been grabbing at everything that is in front of him. If I have him on my lap in front of the computer, he whacks at the keys. If I try to open the sugar container while he is in my arms, he wants to put it in his mouth and today, he was pulling on the sleeve of my sweater to get at the can of pop in my hand. He was also very aware that I was consuming something and was making a lot of "mm-mm" noises. At five o'clock every day, he gets cranky because that is his dinner time and he wants his cereal. If I don't get it to him quickly enough, there is hell to pay. He eats at least three tablespoons of cereal every night. He by-passed the whole "start them off small" thing. He looks at me with what I can only say is worship in his eyes and he smiles all the time. I am completely enamoured of this boy.

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