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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Thanks Granny

So Hayden has been having some "tummy troubles" over the last few days and I finally consulted with my mom and she told me to give him brown sugar in water. Apparently this is an old trick of my grandmother's ("Granny") and she swore by it. Oh yeah. It works.

He was considerably happier after that and I was relieved. I didn't want to think it was the casts that were bothering him. He's been a little frustrated having his knees immobile again, but what can I say? It's temporary, babies are adaptive and it'll be over before he/we know it. The one thing I marvel at is how much he lifts the casts up and crashes them onto any surface. If he had plaster casts on, they'd have been broken in the first day because when I laid him in his crib, he lifted one leg over the side and proceeded to crash it up and down. Is it my imagination or are boys much more physical than girls? I mean, Kes is active without a doubt, but when she was little she was pretty calm.

Hannah has been away on another sleepove allowing for some more time between Doug and I. Except last night we had "plans" and they fell apart because one kid (Kes) is sick and coughing and kept talking in her sleep and the other kid (Hayden) just decided to be an ass and kept waking up. After having to comfort him several times, I gave in and went to bed because I was bagged. Can't say I feel any more refreshed this morning, either because Kes came into our room around 3:00am with a fever and then laid in our bed and talked and picked at her toes for half an hour until I put her back in her own bed. Then she insisted that I get her a bandaid for her toe. When I refused, she blew a spaz and whined and cried for ten more minutes until I told Doug that if I had to go into the room I was going to smack her. So he went and my evil plan worked! Ha ha! HE can get out of bed for kiddies, too!!

We rented some DVDs for ourselves this weekend and couple for Kes. One is a Winnie the Pooh one with the new puppet characters. She watched it for about ten minutes before declaring it "boring" and asking us to put on the Simpsons. I have noticed (and I noticed this with Hannah, too), that the comprehension is there for older kid shows, so who am I to thwart that? The only highlight to the Pooh movie is that there is a little bird named "Kessie" on it, which has delighted her to no end! One of my favorite memories of Hannah as a little girl is when we watched Romeo and Juliet (the Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes version) together when she was five. We are at the part where Mercutio dies and I'm sitting there crying. "Mom are you crying?" asks Hannah. I say yes, I'm crying. She looks up at me with her sad brown eyes and says in a sob "ME! TOO!" and I hug her close exclaiming "That's my girl!" and we snivel for quite awhile together! The other favorite is when I took her to the theatre to see The Mighty (yeah, I know, the what?) when she was seven or eight and after the other two people left almost immediately, we were the only two people in there, clinging to each other and bawling at the end. Seriously sad movie that didn't even make a blip on the radar of humankind.

I have started putting Hayden on the floor on a big quilt so he can maybe start thinking about things like rolling over. I had been hesitant to do it before now because a) there's a three-year-old thundering around and b) our floor is quite cold and I hadn't found the right thickness of blanket to put down. But he is quite enjoying being down there and I think he has the illusion of space even though his world is narrowed to a 4 x 4 area. He lays there and "kicks" (read: lifts the casts up and down, up and down - CRASH! CRASH!). Last night I was showing him how easy it is to roll over, even without the use of bent knees and he kind of got the idea a little. At least he smiled at me. I have also been playing a few of the standard games with him, such as patty cake, horsie ride and round and round the garden. He anticipates the tickles and the gallop ride now with big smiles and giggles and wow is it ever cute! His sense of humour seems to be a lot like mine and my twin's. Warped. He finds odd things funny, which is great because he and I will be able to laugh over many many things. My sister and I can go back to almost birth and remember funny things from our past. And we do it often because it's always good to laugh!

Anyway, this post is starting to go sideways on me, so I'll close. Looks like a nice day today (crossing fingers for no rain)!

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M&Co. said...

Boys and girls are really different. The BoyChild is so physical and loud. The GirlChild was so cautious and quiet.