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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I Am Free, I am Free.....

Let's all say ster-il-i-ty! Yer looking at the new and improved Heather. Sure I have a little sadness because this is the end of a very big portion of my fertility. But knowing that I no longer have to worry about birth control in any way shape or form makes me soooo happy!

The procedure went very well and I am puzzled about why so many women make such a big deal out of it. Other than having to go under general anesthesia, which can be a concern, I would venture to say that it is no more an issue than a vasectomy. Actually, maybe less so because the poor guy has to sit on the incisions made in his bits and pieces!

All of the staff at St. Paul's Hospital were lovely; very kind and sincere. I DID get a lot of confused information about what my lifting restrictions were after - the nurses kept telling me I couldn't lift anything and the surgeon kept telling me I could. So I am going with the surgeon since I don't plan on lifting any pianos in the near future. I want to be able to lift my baby at the least!

Other than feeling groggy for a loooong time afterwards (the surgery was around 12:30pm and I didn't feel awake until 10-ish that night, just in time to go to bed!) I felt 100% fine. I had no pain whatsoever and the gas that they filled my abdomen with sort of migrated up into my collar bone area and only felt like a runner's cramp. I was very hungry, but took it easy on the advice of the medical staff. Today my bellybutton feels a little tender, but no worse than when I had it pierced. I was happy that they didn't have to mess up the piercing, because the other incision was (yay) placed right along my c-section scar. I am very anti-scar for some odd reason (one of my quirks) and this made me very glad. The less scars on my body, the better. The one in my navel will not even be noticeable, since technically your bellybutton is already a scar.

So now I can make future plans without having to factor in any unplanned pregnancies or anything. It feels good to know that when I trot Hayden off to Kindergarten, I will only be 41 years old. Still young and hopefully with some energy left! And hey, if I end up having any regrets down the road, there's always in-vitro, right? Or adoption. And I figure if that happens, I'll adopt a 25 year old...spare myself the sleep deprivation.

Hayden has been in good spirits the last couple of days. His sister has been staying at my mother's place and I think he has been enjoying the unmolested mornings. His sleep has been good and he regularly sleeps for a long stretch between around 10:00pm and 5:00pm. he sometimes wakes up to call for his soother. I have been trying to find some diaper pins somewhere, but apparently they no longer exist. I want them because I had my mom crochet a couple of strings to pin to his shoulder and hold his soother. I'll have to consult with my favorite person, Mrs. E. Bay. I'm sure I can find some there!

Oh joy! Oh bliss! My husband has commissioned more renovations on our house! We are getting another side of the house re-done, so this means more hammering while baby tries to sleep and more obnoxious sawing, banging, crashing and loud crappy radio music. I am so thrilled. And once again I am answering the door in my ratty robe for the construction guys first thing in the morning. Whoopee.


Vicky said...

Yay! Now you can have unprotected sex! (or do like me and fake obscure ailments so you can sleep instead)

Hope you heal well and there's not too much discomfort. I'll be thinking about you.

nrp said...

Let's hear it for sterility! And for baby boys who SLEEP at night!