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Friday, May 26, 2006

Just A Quickie

Hi there! I am doing fine and feeling great. My tummy is mildly tender, but it has never progressed beyond that. I thought that I may be more emotional about the procedure, but I have been feeling very positive, liberated even. This is how I know it was the right thing to do.

Sorry this is short, but I am very tired today (ran around a lot). We are having quite a few issues with both the little ones being at daycare on Fridays. Kes is not appreciating having her turf put upon and is behaving like an obnoxious little twerp. She wouldn't let Hayden sleep today, bit him and screamed at him. I felt terrible about it and am now strategizing about what to do to make this better for a) her and b) him. I have begun to formulate a plan.....

But just so you don't think I am going to kick her to the curb just yet, we were watching Access Hollywood and there was an interview with Billy Bush and Hugh Jackman. They were talking about the love scene in X-Men Three and they showed a little clip of Hugh and Famke Janssen kissing. Kes said "I don't like kissing, it's yucky. It bugs my eyes." Chuckle, sigh.

I promise pictures soon. Perhaps some of the Hip Hip Hooray event occurring this weekend. I'll also post a photo of the blanket that my mom and I knitted to donate to the cause. It turned out great! Hayden and I have raised around $1,500.00!! Yay!

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