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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's a Rantful Day

Rant One: Costco's Kirkland brand of dryer sheets - SUCK! They do absolutely nothing to reduce static cling and they don't make the clothes smell nice at all. And the best part? If you buy them, you are stuck with about NINE THOUSAND of them.

Rant Two: Why when something explodes, does it always have to be in my washing machine? Remember the diaper? Well last night it was hubby's pillow. I read the instructions carefully and washed as per. When I opened the washing machine, I at first thought "that's odd, the soap didn't rinse out?", then when I looked closer I realized that it was about a BAZILLION teeny tiny nodules of fibrefill - filling my washer to the brim! AGGHH!! So thankfully there were only a couple of articles of clothing in the machine with it that I had to fish out and shake free of little fuzzies. But there went hubby's pillow. What a disappoinment too, because they were Sears brand and not cheap.

Rant Three: My allergies have kicked in full force today. Bummer. Now it's time to haul out the antihistamines and start popping them like candy again. I hate being a slave to drugs.

Rant Four (and really, the biggie): Why, oh WHY do the movie companies think it is a good idea to put eight hundred previews and the locked security message (that you can't bypass) on children's films? I mean, do they honestly think three year olds are reading the "don't copy on pain of death" message? Do they think that the adults haven't been reading that message since the dawn of time? Do they think the previews are a good idea when you play them and your child thinks that this is the movie coming on and either gets excited or ticked because she wanted the one that it really is? (Whoa - strange sentence there). I dunno - my patience for stuff is thin these days and I don't get it. It's like when we went to the theatre to see Ice Age 2 and there was an interminable amount of previews - to the point where I thought Kestrel was going to bust a vein in her head about the movie coming on. Someone oughtta write a letter....

Boy, I'm cranky.

Just to balance this post out, though - I forgot to mention that hubby got me red roses and lilies for our anniversary yesterday (my favorites) and two really good quality pens (by my request) from my favorite store Essence du Papier. So the anniversary was nice, albeit quiet, and nothing really out of the norm. Hopefully we will take care of the dinner part on the weekend coming up!

Brace for cuteness:

Hayden Stylin'


Laura said...

Man oh man, how I hate the warning at the beginning of Keira's DVDs, and although I can't fast-forward or just go to the menu, I have found that the 'next scene' button works for most of them. But you'll be pressing the 'next scene' button about eight times because of those and the previews before you can even get to the freakin' main menu. It should be outlawed. Kids do NOT have patience! Neither do I, as a matter of fact. I only get so long to sit down to watch a movie and I want to watch it NOW!

How did Kes find Ice Age 2? I thought about taking Keira - gotta find out how long it is first and what time it's on.

Also - sorry to hear about all your other rants. Just one of those days, huh? Thank goodness there's always tomorrow!

nrp said...

Hey! Happy anniversary! What kind of pens? I love me a good pen.

Jody said...

Look how cute! He has such a pretty face....can you say that about a boy? ;*)

And Happy Anniversary to you!!

Vicky said...

Ugh. I've "washed" so many odd things since I've had kids that I hardly blink when it happens now. I've washed a diaper, lipstick, gum, rocks and....poop (don't ask, just know that I cried from that one...sobbed was so awful!).

If you still have the receipt though (or even if you don't) I'd take the pillows back to Sears. They have a fantastic return policy and would probably give you your money back if you took in a margarine tub full of the fiber-fill and the hang-tag from the pillow.

Hope you had a great anniversary!

...and Hayden was sure stylin in that pic...what a sweetie!

Anne said...

Love the 'do on the babe!

Yeah, the previews are getting to be a bit much lately. My poor kids feel the same..."Moooom...when is the movie coming on??"