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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Little Bit O' Dis, A Little Bit O' Dat

Hello! Where DOES the time go? Last week was positively hectic for me and I can't say that I got many things accomplished, but I sure was busy! This week has started out pretty much the same.

I decided to finally attend the Stroller Fit class on Monday that I bought a punch card for about a month ago. It was over at David Lam Park and I had to walk there, but first was trying to get a visiting out-of-town friend out the door. I left the house at about 9:40. I was supposed to be there at 10:00 and walking at a clip still got me there ten minutes late (as it turns out, it is 2.03 miles from my house and it took me about half an hour). Thankfully, the ladies had not left yet and I joined the group, already half dead from the walk. The class was so much fun that I am kicking myself for not going sooner. The instructor provided resistance bands and weighted balls and we walked the seawall, stopping at specific areas to do a variety of exercises. I found the pace easy, yet could tell I was working out. Also, I found out I can join the group if I catch up to them (if I'm late) - so good to know. Don't forget I still had the 2.03 mile walk back home. I thought my hips were going to come unhinged by the time I passed my threshhold!

Hayden was pleased as could be to be out and about. It was very hot, about 30 degrees Celcius and I was trying to keep him out of the sun as best I could (had stupidly forgotten to apply sunscreen). I ended up with the sunburn, so it was all good. When we were doing the cooldown, he decided he'd had enough stroller and I took him out and put him on the grass, thinking since he'd never been on it before he just stay still and absorb the sensation. Wrong. I averted my eyes for a moment to look at the instructor and when I looked back, he was twenty feet away from me, crawling for dear life. I think he was aiming for the US border, but I can't be sure! So much for grass aversion.

On that topic (crawling), here is an example of how quickly Hayden can crawl. And just in case you thought a bar across his feet would slow him down, look at this.

Hayden's sleep has been getting better and better. There have been several nights where he has slept through without waking up at all! Now that is more like it. I can't say that I feel refreshed just yet, but I am getting there.

I have turned over a new leaf this week and at the risk of sending it all down the toilet by talking about it, I am trying to exercise every day and keep on top of household things and so far I am experiencing success. I suppose I can contribute some of that to the FlyLady. Her philosophy of baby steps is a good one and I am starting to not feel so overwhelmed by this house of ours. It is difficult because all of us are packrats and all of us are clutterbugs. What a great combination! As for the exercise, today I threw on a bunch of tunes and bopped. There's nothing like doing a skanky dance to the Pussycat Dolls. I can dance like a ho with the rest of them. I figure as long as I am moving that it's good and hey, I'm hoping that if I jiggle hard enough, some of my flab will just fall off!

Anyway, things are just humming along here and other than some aching muscles that I have begun to activate, I am doing fine. Nothing a little Motrin won't cure! Ooh! I also got a new nightguard for my teeth and it is working like a charm - no sore jaw, neck and head in the mornings now!

And of course, the photo op:

My two little sweaty-heads just up from their naps!

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Vicky said...

I shine my sink according to the FlyLady like a charm! And I think we're going to spend a lot of this long weekend to Goodwill and the dump...just get it out of my house.

Have a great V-day long weekend!