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Thursday, May 11, 2006


So this is how my son fell asleep the other day:

I guess he was sitting up and just collapsed forward and stayed there! Just. So. Cute.

Sleep has been going very, very well in our house. Several weeks ago, I started denying access to our bed for Hayden until it was morning. Initially, I was letting him come in the first time he cried and then for the next three to five hours, he laid there ripping my hair out and thrashing at me with his FAB. Then, I said "no more" and I was getting up anywhere from two to five times to find his soother for him, but other than that, it was going well. Two nights in a row, he went down hard - cried and cried. I suspected teeth and dosed him with Tylenol or Motrin and he settled and then slept through to 6 am. Last night, he got to bed late, about 8:30. He went down and slept all the way through without a peep until 6 am. I am THRILLED! My efforts have been rewarded! I see better sleep in the very near future. I have "big plans" to move the crib from our room to Kestrel's room once I am confident he won't wake her up.

A friend paid me a very sweet compliment today. We were talking on the phone and she said to me "you know, I was talking to my husband and saying to him that you are just a genuinely sweet person and he agreed. He said there's no papier mache over you." I was very touched and thought it was a neat analogy. It sure is nice to get a compliment, especially one so honest and simple. It really boosted my day. I try to be as real as I can. I am by no means a perfect person and I struggle with lots of issues. But the one thing I always want my friends to know is that I try to be very loyal and I am always there for them, no matter what. Sure, I have gossiped with the best of them and hopefully I am not one who truly seeks it out. I have even been known to pass gossip along. But if there is something I can do for a friend, I hope they will ask me.


Jody said...

I really like the analogy of paper mache.

I too participate in the gossip at times. I get so mad at myself when I do it. No seeking it out here either, but I tend to fall into the trap of contibuting occasionally.

Cute picture!

Tater and Tot said...

Cute baby! If only they stayed that sweet and small forever!

Found you through random site button on crazy/hip blog mamas

chasmyn said...

Your friend is absolutely right about you :)

And...I'm such a goof, I forgot to tell you thank you SO much for the babylegs!!! Kiernen has already been wearing them - they're all totally handsome :)