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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Where To Start?

Wow, the last few weeks have been exciting and fun filled. I am going to just put them in point form to save myself the agony of typing (my wrists are tired from knitting!)

> I had to undo my entire knitting project for Kes as I was knitting it totally wrong - I was very sad, but at least it now looks right!

> Kes got three stitches in the back of her head from jumping on the couch, falling off and hitting the window sill on the way down. The stitches were to be removed to day, but they have all come out by themselves, so she has a nice wide scar - what I was hoping to avoid by getting her stitched in the first place!

> Hayden is a cruisin' fool! He is up on his feet all of the time, yet refuses to walk with your hands or even try to get to you without plunking down. No hurry though, as we are leaving for Montreal in a few days and I'd prefer him to be limited in his mobility for awhile yet!

> Hannah went on her yearly trip to Osoyoos with my parents for two weeks, so it was just the four of us. We went to Cultus Lake one day and it was really nice, albeit HOT! The kids really love the water and just being outdoors. Which bites, because I am a total homebody. But we picked up some corn, peaches and free-range eggs while out that way!

> I have been thinking about taking up fencing....I really need something that makes me more active than I am because the weight is. not. moving. Plus it's French, sooo....

> Doug and I got a new King Sized Bed - heaven! Although I am still finding myself perched on the edge most nights. But it is so comfortable! And big!

> Hayden and I were on Breakfast Television (City TV) about a week ago. We joined a group of other mommies to do a piece about Stroller Fit. It was very fun and I managed to get a workout that day in light of the stopping and starting.

> Hayden has some new words he can say (usually he has to be prompted though - he is not much for the talking): "Hannah", "DON'T" (which he usually shrieks at me randomly, like when we are grocery shopping and I am not doing anything to him. Really.), "Shhhh" (okay, not really a word) and his most recent "Up". He has started to do "Uh-Oh" as well.

> I got an idea to knit some little things and they have been turning out great! I'll post more on that later, or in my knitting blog. I am desperately seeking a pattern for a knitted hamster though and cannot believe no one has ever come up with one.

> I finished two novels recently. One was The Burning Times by Jeanne Kalogridis, which I really enjoyed (Medieval France, heh) and the other was Cross My Heart and Hope to Die by Claire Calman - a good read.

That's about it for now! I'll try and post before we leave, 'cuz it'll be two weeks while I'm in Montreal.


Danielle said...

King sized beds are always fun. My toddler is saying so many new things too.. Nice blog. Visiting from CHBM.

Judith said...

This is a description of how one mon knitted a hamster;