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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Au Revoir (But I'll Be Back!)

We are off to Montreal tonight - flying the red-eye in the hopes that the wee ones will maybe, possibly (please? please?) sleep! Of course, I had to stay up late last night, so I'LL be a wreck by the time we get there! I'm already nervous about the airport and all the stupid tightened security - no lip gloss, baby formula, hand lotion, etc. allowed in the carry-ons. I have this huge fear of authority and I don't know why I let them have such power over me and freak me out so much. Plus, I don't EVER want to be subjected to that horrifying sniffer thing they send people through - that thing scares the bejeezus out of me!

When I return, there will be several possibilites: a) I will be refreshed and have a new perspective to re-ignite this blog as I have had the blahs for a couple of months now; b) I will be so exhausted that this blog will still suffer for a spell; or c) I will have all sorts of great and wacky stories from both Montreal and Winnipeg, which is where the family reunion is being held. Let's hope for the last, ok?

In the meantime, I have still been knitting - trying to make up lost time on my project that I had to complete dismantle. But I've been having fun and that is important, non?

Hayden is GREAT! He's still cruising around and not that interested in actual walking, but he will let go for a split second here and there and he is much more confident. We also found him some shoes...FINALLY! A really cute pair of sandals that BUCKLE! They are French of course. I'll try and get some photos of them to post here. I know, I know - I've been promising photos for ages now, but I am just so danged lazy.

Anyway, enjoy the next couple of weeks and pray for me that the weather will be just right - not too cold, not too hot - OK?


P.S. If I get the chance AT ALL to blog while I am away - I promise I will. Really.

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