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Monday, September 04, 2006

Remember Me?

Boy, three weeks since my last post...that's gotta be a record since I started this thing. I've thought about taking it offline for awhile because I just have felt blah. Actually, I have been feeling blah about everything and am contemplating going onto some antidepressants because the blah has been bordering on sad, depressed and I've slightly migrated towards "the ugly place" a couple of times. I am really gun-shy on the whole pharmaceutical thing. Several years back when I was taking them, I found that I never really lost the urge to die, just the motivation to do anything about it. Oh and I gained 45 pounds. THAT HELPED.

Just so we are perfectly clear here, I am not contemplating death at this time. I really just need to be able to cope better and it's one avenue I can try to see if it helps temporarily. That being said, I will be having an intensive conversation with my doctor about the whole "can't get off of them/weight gain" thing. I've read a couple of stories about Paxil that freak me out. If there's something I hate to be, it's a slave to drugs.

But on that depressing opening, let me tell you that the trip to Montreal/Winnipeg went really well! We got lots of visits with the grandparents and our friends and we met even more family at the reunion in Winnie (incidentally, we went to the zoo where the real Winnie the (Pooh) Bear lived out his life). All in all a good time. However...three plane rides with a one year old? Do NOT recommend! By the third flight (home thank goodness), Hayden was completely crazed. It was all I could do to manage him and I thanked goodness the flight was short.

Anyway, I'll try for more information later when I'm not still so burned out. Here's some photos:



Reunions are boring

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M&Co. said...

I've taken Wellbutrin and it caused me to lose weight.