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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Further Acquisitions

Last week I needed some new tights, or leggings. I had a whole bunch of them, but they seem to have vanished and thanks to certain brain deficiencies I have no memory of what became of them. I am thinking I chucked them out because they no longer fit since my butt is now three children wide. I headed off to Sears thinking I could find some reasonably priced ones and did I ever! Along with an abundance of knee socks! I got one pair of socks in particular that are fabulous - they come up over the knee and are made of wool and silk and a couple of man-made fibres. They are super comfy and yes, they are Made in France, but I didn't notice that until I got them home! But that just makes them so much sweeter! I may have to return for more! Oh the simple things that please me these days....

Speaking of France, my sister is in Paris right now and I am sooooo jealous! But I am happy for her because she deserves a great trip like that!

I finally got around to uploading some videos - took me long enough! Here is Hayden doing more of his famous "knee walking". Here he is reading me a bedtime story. Singing me Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. And of course, WALKING! Tonight he was walking back and forth between the two couches, one of which you see in the walking clip and one that I am sitting on doing the filming. It's a good five feet in distance and he went back and forth quite a few times and then just ventured elsewhere after that. I got tears in my eyes as I realized that this is it...finally my boy is well, cured. HURRAY!

When not busy reading something as gripping as "Experimental Phenomenology" (my husband's book), Hayden likes to grab himself a book that's a little less taxing, although still with no pictures:
"Poor Mrs. Quack"

Afterwards, he gives a standing ovation:

Then, with all that nonsense over with, he likes to knock back a milk with his favorite gal:

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