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Saturday, October 28, 2006

I, Vanity (or is it Veinity?)

Something that has always been a problem for me, since my twenties, is the spider veins on my legs. A long time ago (about 13 years), I had a bunch of them injected and went on my merry way. I was fairly pleased with the results, and although the doctor would not do all of them, he tackled the really ugly ones and they went away.

Well, the sad truth about spider veins is that they are hereditary and they come back - not in the spot they were, but elsewhere. So two more pregnancies later and my legs are so ugly I cannot stand to be seen in a pair of shorts or a bathing suit. This summer was very depressing for me - fish-belly white with veiny legs - ick. A running theme in my world because I never want to reveal my legs long enough to get some suntan on them, even though it does minimize the appearance of the veins. Although that being said, I asked hubby if he would be okay with me going to the tanning bed a few times and he said yes. BUT, someon suggested the spray tan to me and I may try that instead!

I mentioned to hubby not too long ago that I wanted to get the veins lasered and he told me to go for it. Price was not an issue for him - as long as I'm happy, he's good. I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband! Anyway, I called the laser centre and they informed me that laser therapy NEVER works on veins, only the sclerotherapy (injections), but that was just fine with me! So, off I went yesterday for my appointment and boy was I NOT disappointed! The doctor who treated me was a lovely, bubbly, chatty woman and she informed me that she is obsessive-compulsive and will not stop until she believes she has gotten every vein! Sounds good to me! She did an ultrasound on the large vessels on the insides of my thighs to test their bloodflow and size and everything is A-OK! That was a first for me - hadn't seen my veins before. So we commenced the treatment and I think she probably stuck me around 100 times - I lost track after awhile. The solution is a combination of salt, sugar and alcohol and the veins collapse when injected and then form scar tissue which prevents the blood from flowing through them. I felt mildly nauseous at one point and almost asked for an alcohol swab to wave under my nose (it works, really!) but it passed. I looked like I had walked into a wasp's nest at first! Today I just look like the human pin cushion. I had to wear tensor bandages last night, but now I have to get some medical stocking which is fine with me. I don't know why I have never gotten them before. Apparently they look a lot better than they used to. Alas, this is only somewhat of a permanent solution - the veins will always come back even in a minor way - but at least I can just go in for touch ups once the majority of them have been eradicated.

Anyway, it's all in the name of vanity. Next I want to check out the cellulite treatments!

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