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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy 200th Blog Post to Me!

Okay, I cheated a little. Last night I found a whole bunch of posts from a previous blog that I had saved in a Word document and decided that they sort of applied to this blog since they started right around the time I became pregnant with the boy. I have a whole pregnancy diary that I kept every day also, and have intended to put some of that here, too - but I have to edit much of it as there is a lot of swearing and personal stuff. One day, maybe. Then I will have a complete timeline for Hayden to read one day if he is ever interested (or maybe his wife). Anyway, those posts bumped me up to 199 and that is why this one is number 200!

I promised I'd tell you more about the dumbass dad at preschool. As it turns out, he's one of those. You know the kind: "it can't be MY child!" I found out the kid is only three and he looks five, so people can expect more out of a kid like that, thinking they are older. He's a very immature three though and strikes me as the kid who will not be ready for Kindergarten when the time comes. At any rate, I feel sorry for the kid because he is obviously not being parented very well if he is going around brutalizing others already. Of course, the dad won't make eye contact with me - but if his kid touches mine again, there will be words. Apparently he told the teacher that maybe this isn't the right atmosphere for the kid. Well, then remove him. Plain and simple to me. Oh well. All I could do was tell the teacher that we think the atmosphere is great and we are 100% in support of what she does and trust her to handle many situations on her own. I also wanted her to know how much we appreciate what she does at that school - there is so much variety and interesting things to do that Kes comes home with new songs, ideas, artwork, etc. every day. It's exactly what she needs and hopefully that kid will just disappear from the class one day.

Doug's Mom sent a package for the kids that arrived yesterday. In it was a ton of clothes, books for each of them, a doll for Kes and a Dress Me Elmo for Hayden. It talks and sings and every time it sings the song, Hayden clutches it around the neck and kind of sways to the music. It's so very cute! I took a video clip last night which I haven't uploaded yet, but will try to do that today.

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