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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Egg On My Face

Hayden continued to limp over the weekend, never seeming in terrible pain, but definitely noticing something in his foot and kind of just working with it. So on Monday I decided to call his orthopaedic surgeon and get him checked out. One of the things I like so much about Dr. Pirani is that he is a man of action and is just so caring. He told me to come in right away and he'd have a look. I was relieved that I didn't have to go in today during the cast clinic because I'd had this feeling it might be mayhem since he's just been away.

Drove out to his office, relatively easy drive - light traffic. Got there and he had a look. Within moments of looking at the right foot, he turns to me and says "I think he might have a sliver in his foot". Oh. My. Lord. I look and sure enough there is a little red spot with a festering centre and when he touched it, Hayden recoiled. Um - DOY!

Now to be fair to myself, it must have festered overnight because I SWEAR I would have noticed that! And when hubby and I investigated it further that night, we decided it must be a shard of glass or something transparent, because we could not find a wood sliver at all. I think it is still in his foot, but if we don't get it out, eventually his body will work it out on its own. I felt relieved and dumb at the same time! Dr. Pirani just said he was glad that it wasn't anything serious.

I DID get to talk to him about reducing the degrees of abduction on his brace and he agreed, so I have, and hopefully it will stop some of the tripping and catching of the foot on doorways, etc.

Poor little monkey, though. Slivers hurt like the dickens, especially in your feet!

So that crisis is over. On to the next......!!

P.S. It now makes sense to me why the physiotherapist mentioned he was favouring his right foot - must have just gotten the sliver or it was just starting to hurt! Sheesh!

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Irene said...

oh poor little buddy. hope he feels better soon.