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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Man, I have been in a FUNK for the last few weeks. What with being sick and allergic and irritated and tired, I just have had no energy or motivation to do anything beyond the absolute necessities. I've even fallen short on some of my regular daily activities. I hope February brings a little relief for me before the SPRING allergies kick in. I've been doped out on Benadryl for weeks now. And it sucks. I wake up in the morning with a drug hangover, zero tolerance for the kids and I drag my butt around for hours before the caffeine from my tea kicks in. Not good.

I DID consult with a local mom recently about managing hormones naturally and had a great chat with her. It is her passion and she had loads of information and great suggestions for getting things on track. It all comes down to the adrenal glands and their healthy functioning. I suspect if I can get that on track, I'll feel a whole lot better. Just gotta pick up some reading material and get some tests done first.

Anyhoo, I am still experiencing computer problems where I can no longer turn it off because it takes forever to get it to come back on again, or if it does come on, it freezes and you have to start again. Argh!

On the knitting front, many projects on the go and many planned. I am becoming more and more interested in hand-dyeing some wool and perhaps will even be thinking about spinning one day. But one obsession at a time.

I also met with a girlfriend that I used to work with and she gave me an order for FOUR of my baby blankets! Whooo! Truthfully, I haven't put much time or energy into developing this business, but I should get on that because people are interested in them and seem to really like them. Also, now that I actually have a sewing room, there is no excuse to not be doing them. Other than lack of time. Of course, if I spent less time on Ravelry, that might help!

C'est tout pour maintenant! Au revoir!

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M&Co. said...

I think some of it has to do with the weather; cold and icky for so long. I always hit a slump about this time of year.