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Monday, January 05, 2009


I seem to be the only person in my universe that is getting a kick out of all the snow here. I mean, c'mon people - this only happens once every FORTY YEARS here! Forty years ago I was a newborn and therefore could not appreciate this kind of fantastic weather.

Admittedly, we are not equipped for this type of weather here in Vancouver. We have, what? Six snowplows to service the whole city? And I think I've seen only one of them go by, ONCE. (and it was not on our street) I know you're part of a union, City of V, but hire some folks with their snow blowers or something, m'kay? EVERYONE IS FREAKING OUT!

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't enjoy being OUT in the snow other than to take a nice brisk walk and enjoy the quiet. But I could sit at a window, while it's dark and all the street lamps are on, and watch it for hours. Of course I got immense entertainment from watching the drivers frantically trying to get up the steep main drag by our place the other night. Well, I felt bad for them anyway. What ponders me is why go out? What is so important in their world that they can't stay put? I'd love to be able to read minds and find out.

Several days back Laini Taylor (my favourite author) posted a video of what was going on in Portland. It might have been hilarious had it not been so horrifying! I haven't seen any of that sort of thing here on our street, but many many people have been stuck. We've broken the windshield wipers on our van and have to wait a jillion years for the parts to come in. (aside: Why is that? Why is it that the dealerships NEVER have the piece you need?) My husband is having a stroke that the snow isn't gone yet. I claim he has PTSD from all the years he had to deal with this in Montreal. A kind of snow shellshock, you might say.

In other news, I finally got Hamster Boy the proper boy haircut he needed (photos will follow when I find a camera to take some). It was getting really bushy and long and we hadn't really been giving him proper haircuts yet, more like trims. And then a bunch of our friends came over and two of the boys (age 9-11 range) that came had such long hair they looked like street urchins. It kind of sicked me out. It might have looked better if it was washed or combed, but I decided then and there that Hayden was getting his CHOPPED. And boy is it ever!

On the knitting front, I finally finished a project I started over three years ago and gave up on. After many hours of struggling to complete it, it's done. And I kind of hate it now. I'm not happy with how it turned out at all. Sigh. Waste of yarn. This is why I don't make things for myself. The amount of time and love you pour into it and you could have bought it at Winners for one nth of the price it cost you to make. Bah!

Back to school today! The last couple of days have dragged considerably and Momma needs a break. And what fun thing do I get to do today? Go to the dentist! I have a tooth that's driving me nuts and it has to get fixed NOW. Wheee!

I'm off then.

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