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Monday, March 09, 2009

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Blog Lapse... say WHAT THE HECK? Snow. In Vancouver. In March. Did someone wind back the calendar? Because the last I checked we JUST put the clocks forward, which would actually put us one hour closer to Spring!

Ah well, I'm sure the rain will be on its heels and it will all be gone in no time. Maybe.

So I've been very quiet and mostly that is because I haven't had much to say. But one piece of good news: my youngest brother and his wife had a baby boy on February 16th. He came about 6 days early and is absolutely beautiful. I am so happy for them!

Today Hayden and I head to see Dr. Pirani and I am about to ask him something I never thought I would before Hayden turned four. I am going to ask if it is okay for Hayden to stop wearing his brace a few months early. I know! Hayden will be four in about three and a half months, or 101 days if you want to be exact, so it's not like it's a year or something.

We have been having endless problems over the last couple of months with Hayden not being able to take himself to the bathroom in the night because he can't get out of bed with the brace on. And even though we wake him twice a night and at the expense of our backs, lug him to the toilet in his brace, he can still wake up as he is peeing. We also feel the brace is affecting his sleep now. I mean, think about it. At night you tend to swell up from being all warm and cozy. Imagine shoes strapped tight on your feet and think how that might disturb your sleep?

The last visit we had with Dr. Pirani and the more recent visit we had with Lisa (the orthotist), Hayden's feet are showing no sign of relapse.We did have orthotics made for him because of his non-existent arch (you should see them they are so cute!) and those have been fine. He didn't even notice them in his shoes. Lisa pointed out one potential concern that I am going to address with Dr. P today, so we'll see what happens. I'm not going to get my hopes up too high and if the answer is no, then so be it. We only have a few more months anyway. But it would be nice to not have to bring them to Maui with us.

Oh hey! We're going to Maui! On Thursday! Away from the snow! Frankly, all I can think about right now is getting the actual trip out of the way before I can feel relaxed and happy to be in warmer climates. And speaking of that, I had to do the dreaded bathing suit shop. I had heard of a store way in the middle of nowhere that had about 50 different brands of swimsuits. So I rounded up the neighbour and we drove out there yesterday. Thank goodness for Mapquest and GPS is all I can say because it was a long drive. BUT, the store did not disappoint - there were many, many swimsuits! I managed to find a tankini that did not make me look like a sausage and it also has a built-in bra to support the girls, so that was good. My friend managed to find something even cuter. She's quite a bit skinnier than me, so it looked adorable on her. They even had the 2008 models on sale. Did you know that swimsuits are like cars?

I have to say the prices were medium to WTF? Like, for a little filmy cover up skirt, I am not going to pay $50. There is just no way, when I can head to the local fabric store and get a whole yard of the same fabric for $10 or less. But, making an actual swimsuit would be much trickier so I am willing to pay a bit more for that. All in all, a good trip and now I know where it is!

Of course looking out the window and the snow, it feels weird to think I will be wearing a bathing suit in just a few days.

We now return you to your regular programming.

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M&Co. said...

Good news about Hayden's feet. And Maui? In March? That is totally kewl!