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Monday, October 25, 2004

And Now.....Back to Our Show!

I watched "The Day After Tomorrow" yesterday and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. However, there were a couple of things about this film that bugged me slightly and they were more or less just writing flaws. Normally I just watch films for entertainment and I get annoyed when my husband or his shrink friends try to analyze movies because that's what they are: entertainment.

Now I understand that this was a typical Indomitable American Spirit film and that the base story was Making the Hard Choices and Sacrifice and Overcoming. I actually really like a lot of the disaster films that come out of Hollywood. Dante's Peak is one of my faves and I always watch Atomic Twister (made for t.v.) when it comes on because I think Mark Paul Gosselaar is a cutie! I've even watched Volcano a couple of times.

In the film, the country of Canada was completely decimated and no one even batted an eye. In fact, no one even seemed to notice that an entire nation was lost! I understand that the main theme was "dad has to overcome all odds to get to son", but I figured a moment's silence could have been held. Also, at the end, the "President" thanked Mexico for taking in all of the US residents and looking after them, but in fact the Mexicans had closed the border and the Americans had stormed over the river illegally anyway. Mexico didn't have a choice it would seem. And then there was the inevitable preachy "moral", whereby everyone who watches this film is supposed to realize that if they just recycle that they will surely avoid an ice age. One last thing: I understand how the seven people in the library survived. The son, Sam, had inside knowledge from a phone call with his dad and thereby knew to keep the fire stoked high for survival. But at the end, when the National Guard comes to retrieve them, and up in the air they can see people on the rooftops, how the hell did those people survive? Ooh, and the CGI wolves were a bit too creepy.

Okay, that was more than a couple of things and all purely my opinion. I am not a rah-rah patriot who gets riled up over things, and in fact I even thought perhaps that the writer of this film might be Canadian. (He's not, he's German - I checked!) And like I said, I like to watch films for how they entertain me and for entertainment factor, this film got two thumbs up. In addition to that, while Canadian films have improved drastically over the years (I can remember thinking "oh GAWD" whenever having to watch a Canadian film as a teenager because it was bound to be boring, lackluster, loaded with "ehs" and bad picture quality), America still produces the most films with action and excitement.

And that's all I am really looking for.

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